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Steering wheels Steering system

Steering wheels - εικόνα
Steering wheels - εικόνα 1 Steering wheels - εικόνα 2 Steering wheels - εικόνα 3

• Designed to match Volvo Penta controls and displays
• Non-magnetic stainless steel
• High-quality materials
• Fits most types of steering system
• Steering wheel hub included
• Std 3/4" tapered shaft
• Conforms with the EN 28848 standard of the Recreational Craft Directive (94/25/EC) and with the ABYC P22 Safety standards for Steering Wheels.*


* Does not apply to the Sport Mahogany steering wheel.

Προσθήκη επιλεγμένων ειδών στο καλάθι
  Αριθ. εξαρτήματος FitsEngine prop_Diam prop_Grip prop_Recommendeduse prop_Spokes Απόθεμα
350 mm Mahogany Indoor/cabin 316 Stainless steel
350 mm Leather Indoor/cabin 304 Stainless steel
370 mm 316 Stainless steel Outdoor 316 Stainless steel