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Hydraulic Steering Steering system

The strength required to steer a boat equipped with a hydraulic steering system is inversely proportional to the number of turns of the wheel lock-to-lock. The wheel turns are determined by the ratio between the cylinder volume, the pump displacement and the free movement of the steering device, e.g. the rudder. A large cylinder volume and small pump displacement results in a greater number of wheel turns and a small cylinder volume and a large pump displacement results in less number of wheel turns.

Fewer wheel turns means quicker steering response but more effort needed and more wheel turns means slower steering response but less effort. The Hydraulic Steering Helm pumps are available in three different displacement sizes, i.e. 28 cc, 33 cc and 39 cc. Each of them are available for three different ways of mounting, i.e. front mount, rear mount and tilt mount. Three steering cylinders are available, all for rudder installations, and comprising volume 116 cc, 168 cc and 215 cc respectively.

Adjustable steering wheel
The tilt mechanism allows for five locking positions in the range of 48 degrees (+/- 24 degrees) tilt angle of the Steering Wheel. With the tilt steering mechanism, the boat driver can choose the best personal steering wheel angle.

Steering cylinders for hydraulic steering
Steering cylinders for hydraulic steering
Connecting kit, etc.
Connecting kit, etc.