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Control cables and connections Control system

Volvo Penta's control cables are manufactured of corrosion-resistant material with an outer sheath of HD polyethylene. They are designed following Volvo Penta's extremely stringent requirements for efficient operation with a minimum of play. They are permanently lubricated to ensure a minimum of friction and long service life. Single engine installations require two cables, twin installations require four.

It is extremely important to select the exact cable length, fewer bends mean better operation and durability. Measure, in as straight a line as possible, the distance between the control unit and the engine/transmission connections. Calculate a radius of 200 mm for all bends. Adapt the cable as shown in the illustration L = A + B + 200 mm. If the measurement falls between two standard cable lengths, select the longer cable.

The cables must not be cut to size.

Control cable
Control cable
Throttle/shift cables - Xact
Throttle/shift cables - Xact
Volvo Penta Xact Control Cables have been designed to provide the smoothest and easiest throttle/shift operation; while at the same time reducing lost...