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EVC system tachometer (5"/110 mm) EVC instruments

EVC system tachometer (5"/110 mm) - image

For diesel and petrol engines with EVC-EC/C or EVC-MC/C, the EVC system display both engine and boat data.

Available data:

– Remaining distance 1, 4)
– Engine hours
– Engine rpm
– Trip distance 1, 4)
– Coolant temp
– Voltage
– Depth with alarm 1)
– Boost pressure
– Trip fuel 4)
– Surface water temp 1)
– Average fuel rate 4)
– Alarms and warnings
– Fuel level 2)
– Service alarms
– Rudder position 2)
– Trip time 4)
– Average Fuel economy 1, 4)
– Trim position 3)
– Instant fuel rate 4)
– Instant fuel economy 1, 4)
– Oil pressure 5)
– Water tank level 2)
– Boat speed 1)

1) Requires the multi sensor.
2) Requires additional sensor.
3) Aquamatic engines.
4) Trip computer software option.
5) Not D3.

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  Part no Fits Engine Colour Generation RPM Stock
Black EVC-C 0-4000
White EVC-C 0-4000
Black EVC-C/MC 0-6000
White EVC-C/MC 0-6000