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Hot water outlet Cooling system

Hot water outlet - image
Hot water outlet - image 1 Hot water outlet - image 2 Hot water outlet - image 3 Hot water outlet - image 4 Hot water outlet - image 5

A hot water connection is made to the engine cooling system which allows the hot coolant water to circulate through a water heater. The hot coolant heats up the water contained in the water heater. This then provides a domestic hot water supply.

Recommended hose for engine/water heater: Hose, int. diameter 16 mm, part no. 952969
Recommended stainless steel hose clips: part no. 961665
Recommended hose for domestic supply: Hose, int. diameter 12.7 mm, part no. 952968
Recommended stainless steel hose clips: part no. 961665

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  Part no Fits Engine Note Stock
(For model year EF and later).8.1Gi/DP-S: Only for sea water cooled engine.
Only for raw water cooled engine. 4.3GL - A, 4.3GXi - A, B, BF, 5.0GL - A, B, 5.0GXi - A, B, BF, 5.7GL - A, B, 5.7Gi - A, B, BF, 5.7GXi - B, C, CF.
Also for KAD/KAMD42 engines
Only for raw water cooled engines. 8.1Gi - B, BF, 8.1GSi, 8.1GXi - A, AF, DPX375 - B, BF, DPX420 - B, BF.