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Propeller shaft coupling Transmission system

Propeller shaft coupling - image

The Volvo Penta two-piece rigid propeller shaft coupling is designed to make installation much easier and less time consuming. It requires no costly machining and thanks to the two-piece conic design, the coupling is perfectly centred onto the propeller shaft. This is essential for minimal vibration, low noise and a better boating experience.

No machining required
No costly machining for tapering and keyway-cutting is required. Just
cut the propeller shaft to the correct length and fit the coupling cone.
Secure it to the coupling flange with the bolts provided and the coupling
is complete. The shaft coupling provides a high torsional hold
without causing shaft damage.

Perfect central alignment
The two-piece conic design gives the coupling perfect central alignment
properties and also provides an absolute distortion free coupling
fit. Altogether this makes it easier to achieve a correctly aligned driveline,
essential for minimal vibration and low noise.

Features and benefits:
• Simplified installation and alignment
• Less vibration and noise
• No machining required
• Two-piece conic design
• Perfect central alignment
• High torsional hold without shaft damage
• Compact dimensions, low weight
• Virtually maintenance free
• Easy to disconnect propeller shaft, without re-adjustment
• Integrated counterhold
• Better onboard comfort

Component guide
The Volvo Penta two-piece rigid propeller shaft coupling is delivered complete with bolts, nuts, washers and installation instructions.

The shaft coupling is made from high grade 1018 steel (E 235 i ISO) with zinc-nickel coating and sealer. With its compact design the shaft coupling is also perfect for installations where space is limited. Suitable if you want to upgrade your boat driveline.

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  Part no Fits Engine D L Reverse gear Shaft Ø Weight, kg Stock
102 mm 63 mm MS10, MS15 25, 30 mm 3,1
127 mm 63 mm HS25 30 mm 4,9
102 mm 63 mm MS10, MS15, MS25 30 mm 3,0
127 mm 67 mm HS25 35 mm 4,8
127 mm 67 mm HS25, HS45, HS63 40 mm 4,7