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Sailboat control Mechanical Controls & Instruments

Sailboat control - image
Sailboat control - image 1 Sailboat control - image 2

The Volvo Penta mechanical sailboat control is designed very much with sailing in mind as well as for controlling your engine.

Features and benefits:
- Designed to minimize risk of rope entanglement
- Tough and robust, made for the harsh marine environment
- High quality 316 stainless steel
- Splash protected installation
- Reliable and proven mechanism with adjustable friction brake
- Mechanism can be mounted horizontally or vertically
- Neutral safety switch available as option
- Easy to upgrade previous models of sailboat controls.

The sailboat control was developed with easy upgrading from older installations as a priority. This means that the control lever can be mounted directly onto an existing Volvo Penta control mechanism. Different combinations of control lever, mechanism and cover can be used, depending on whether it is a new installation, upgrade from a 100x121 mm cover plate or upgrade from a 107x166 mm cover plate. 

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  Part no Fits Engine Description Note Stock
Lever & small cover - stainless steel
Lever - stainless steel
Cover, old version (black plastic)
Large cover (stainless steel)
Mechanism (for stainless steel cover)
PC-740/741/840/841 For control mechanisms 851600 and 1140095.