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Air heater Safety & Comfort

The air heater extracts heat from the engine's cooling system, which would otherwise be wasted, and transfers it into the cabin. A fan circulates air through a heat exchanger. The air heater makes it possible to make use of the engine closed-circuit cooling system without additional water pipes and radiators.

Four outlets are supplied that can be connected with air hoses. The standard outlets are 55 mm diameter. The airflow can be set at three different speeds.

The air heater is highly efficient and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Its compactness makes it easy to install almost anywhere. The selection of materials; stainless steel for the casing and copper/brass for the heat exchanger, ensures long service in a harsh onboard atmosphere.

The air heater comes in two sizes; 5 and 10 kW. Available for 12 V or 24 V supply, it consumes very little power. Its low noise level is another advantage. The air heater can be installed above the engine and any air trapped in the coolant can be released through a separate bleed valve.

Optional extras include air hoses, hose connections and various types of air valves.

Air heater
Air heater
Product data:Output: 10 kW/5 kW Power supply: 12 V/24 V Capacity (free flow): 550m 3/330m 3/hour at max. speed Fan: 3 speed Casing: Stainless steel He...
Air heater - accessories
Air heater - accessories