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Side-mounted controls, Xact Mechanical Controls & Instruments

Side-mounted controls, Xact - image

Controls with combined throttle and gear-change, equipped with a series of features to improve comfort and safety.

- Release button for starting and warming up the engine in neutral position.

- Adjustable friction brake for individual speed setting of the lever.

- Electrical neutral position switch, prevents engine being started in gear.

- Mechanical neutral position lock, prevents unintentional gear change.

- Integral switches for simple operation of the drive’s trim and tilt functions. (Applies to 3856901)

The controls are supplied with a control mechanism and cable connection kit.

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  Part # Fits Engine Description Stock
Without Power-Trim function
With Power Trim and 20 ft harness
Mech. sidemount, Power Trim, harness, safety cut-off switch
Mech. sidemount, Power Trim, safety cut-off switch