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Flexible propeller shaft coupling Transmission system

Flexible propeller shaft coupling - image

A flexible propeller shaft coupling must be used when the propeller shaft is rigidly mounted and the engine is suspended on rubber mountings. The coupling also eliminates the risk of a break between the propeller shaft and the engine with rigid engine installations.

To connect a shaft to this type of flexible coupling a conventional type of propeller shaft coupling,  is also required.

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  Part # Fits Engine Flange Reverse gear Stock
100 mm MS2 2,3:1, 2,4:1, 3,0:1, MSB 1,9:1, MS2 2,4:1, 3,0:1, MS10
100 mm MSB 1,9:1, MS2 2,3:1, 2,4:1, 3,0:1, MS15