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EVC accessories Volvo Penta tilbehør

EVC – Electronic Vessel Control – is Volvo Penta’s common electronic platform for controlling engine and transmission and integrating all driver information. EVC is based on CAN-bus technology and lets engine, drives, controls and instruments quickly exchange information. It constantly supervises all important functions and takes precautionary measures if needed, always keeping you updated in an intuitive way. All electronic units have composite casing and the connectors are of heavyduty quality.
Furthermore, EVC also opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to installing new, previously unthinkable, hardware and software features. Joystick driving and docking, Low-speed mode, Powertrim assistant and more – are all based on the intelligence of EVC.


Volvo Pentas wide range of ergonomically, solid and smart EVC controls. 


Multi-information displays and round EVC instruments with all the information that you want. Please contact your local Volvo Penta dealer to determine your EVC generation. Use our matchlists to know which controls, instruments and software complies with your EVC generation.

Dynamic Positioning System
Dynamic Positioning System
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EVC controls
EVC controls
The line-up of EVC controls features something for every taste. All features are chosen and designed to offer the best level of safety and comfort. Al...
EVC instruments
EVC instruments
The Volvo Penta line of instruments is designed to match all EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) diesel and gasoline engines. This results in a new level ...